Abandoned Mother Dog

Lisa Chiarelli is an active volunteer for Hope For Paws. She got a call one day about a dog mom and her puppies living in an alley. The distance was an hour and a half drive from where Lisa lives. But she knew that she needed to rescue them.

When she got to the location, the puppies were already secured. She needed to rescue the mother too.

She found the mother hiding under a car. When she approached her, the dog ran away. Lisa thought that the best thing to do at that moment was to leave the mom temporarily. Her priority was to bring the puppies home.


After she got the puppies to her car, she immediately brought them to the vet to have a checkup. After everything was clear, she brought them home. Lisa then promised the puppies that she was going to reunite them with their mother soon.

Lisa went back to the location the very next day. She found the mother but was still unable to catch her.

On the third day, there was no sight of the dog. Lisa got worried because it is not a good neighborhood. There are also a lot of cars passing through. Lisa knew she needed help, so she asked a friend to assist her the next day.

On the fourth day, they laid a trap for the dog, and they were successful. Lisa was finally able to bring her home after a check-up from the vet. The little canines were so happy to see their mother again.

One of the puppies, Sam, had been depressed for three days. When he finally saw his mom again, he came back to life. He lit up. All he needed was his mom.

Lisa kept the family together for ten weeks. Lisa was thrilled when puppies were adopted. The best part, the mother dog, was adopted as well. All of them belonged to loving families. Lisa believes that every dog deserves to be part of a family, and that’s she does what she does.

The Dodo via YouTube



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