One cold day, a pink, bald, shivering dog was discovered alone on the street in Harbin, China. Lucky for her, rescuers were notified and immediately brought the dog to a local clinic to help her.

Saving Kennedy

Kennedy, the stray bulldog, was brought to the clinic emergency room. The poor dog was in such bad shape it was feared she would not make it through the first twenty-four hours. The nurses treated her and injected IVs into her right away.

The dog was hairless, but the vets weren’t in a rush to treat her skin. All they wanted was to get her through the first twenty-four hours.


Kennedy bravely fought through the first twenty-four hours. It was a good start, but they knew it would be a long journey before she could fully recover.

Hayley, one of the rescuers, worked with Kennedy helping her overcome being scared. It took a few weeks before she came out of her cage and started to trust Hayley.

After four weeks, Kennedy got stronger. She looked healthier as her hair started to grow back.  Hayley gave her the nickname Pumpkin because of her color.  As she became more confident, she would be out around the clinic, running around enjoying all the snacks and attention she got.

Kennedy’s Forever Home

When the shelter that was fostering Kennedy felt she was ready for a forever home, they contacted one of their rescue partnerships in the United States to find a foster home for  Kennedy. Jessica Kerrigan, a woman in the US that was looking for a bulldog to foster, was contacted about a foster bulldog being flown in from China. They hoped that she would be the one to give Kennedy a home.

Jessica’s previous dog named George had recently passed away. She thought that fostering a new dog would be the best way to heal her heart, and she needed to do something to get back into the bulldog world.

When she saw the picture of Kennedy that the shelter sent her, she knew right away that she wanted to foster her. The transition was seamless, Kennedy felt so comfortable in her new home. She got along with the family’s other dog Franklin as well as the family members. And Jessica’s family loved Kennedy and enjoyed playing with her.

Kennedy is like a magnet. She always has to be touching Jessica or somebody else. She has a loving soul considering what she’s been through; it is amazing to see how resilient she is.

It is no wonder that Jessica failed as a foster. The family adopted Kennedy so she is now an official member of the family and has her forever home.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube



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