Becca Williams lost her black German shepherd Cass last April 2021. Becca accidentally left her door open, and Cass took the opportunity to run outside. Cass ran off and didn’t return, so Becca panicked. She spent the next several hours driving around and looking for her dog.

Becca also called animal shelters and put up missing dog posters. She even made a Facebook page called Finding Cass to get as much help as possible. A few people reported seeing a black German shepherd, but they weren’t Cass. After 26 days, Becca got a call from a person from Indiana.


How Cass went missing


This person believed that their family member had Cass. Apparently, this woman visited Florida last April. She picked up Cass because they thought that Becca’s dog was a stray. Becca immediately tried to get her dog back.

Unfortunately, the woman who found Cass didn’t want to give her back. Becca was able to persuade her though. This woman agreed to meet Becca in Nashville, but she suddenly had to cancel because of a medical emergency. Becca didn’t let that stop her, so she drove for 900 miles to reach Indiana.

Reuniting with Cass

After this cross-country trip, Becca and Cass were finally together at last. Becca says that Cass ran up to her and cried with joy. The German shepherd showered Becca with kisses. According to Becca, she couldn’t contain her emotions at that moment.

Becca bought Cass some equipment to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Becca also hosted a party last May 4 to thank everyone for their helping her to reunite with her beloved dog.

Becca’s story just shows how much love exists between a dog and its owner. A good owner won’t rest until their dog is safe and happy.

Credits: Finding Cass- The Black german shepherd



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