Zeus is a Siberian Husky who loves to spend time in the bathtub. Zeus’s human mommy, Lindsay Fleishman, shared a funny video online where you’ll see this pooch crying because he doesn’t want to go out for his daily exercise. The video instantly became viral!

It’s common for dogs to feel excited when you invite them to go out — some dogs jump in excitement, some squeal in delight, and some can’t contain their happiness, they go crazy! As for Zeus, he’d rather stay home and relax in the bathtub.


In the video, whenever Lindsay asks Zeus to get out of the bathtub so they can go for a walk, he throws a tantrum. When Lindsay tells him that she’s not going to turn the water on, Zeus cried even louder!

Zeus continued with his outburst for about a minute, just allowing Lindsay to convince him more. Looks like he’s not going to give up his favorite spot in the house. Even if Zeus seems to pull an annoying act, he still looks adorable and hilarious!

According to research, Siberian Huskies are intelligent dog breeds — but they’re also the stubborn ones. They may be one of the most good-looking dog breeds out there, but they surely know how to work their charms!

Since Siberian Huskies have a strong drive to get what they want, they’ll do anything and everything, even if it means howling endlessly. Independence and will-power are two of their distinct behaviors.

However, no matter how many times Zeus try to get his way, mom still wins! He surely couldn’t resist his mommy’s commands because no matter what happens, he loves her unconditionally.

He probably realized that going outside to play is fun too!

Watch this funny video of Zeus and his attachment to the bathtub:

Source: Zeus, The Stubborn Husky via YouTube



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