It’s almost inevitable for most dog owners to leave their canine friends at home. As most people nowadays live a hectic life, more often than not, people go out of the house to run some errands.

But, did you wonder what your dogs do when you’re not at home? Perhaps you can follow a fur mom’s action as she installs a hidden camera to witness Pepper and Margo’s home adventures when she’s out.

Mom’s out, what shall we do?

The video starts with the click-clacking sound of footsteps entering the room. A few seconds later, a mixed rescue pooch named Margo comes to the area to have some relaxation time on the sofa bed.


When Margo’s finally comfortable on the couch, she stares intently at the lampshade and the cat as if deciphering what she should do with them.

A few seconds later, a dachshund named Pepper sits beside Margo. Just like Margo, Pepper lies on the sofa while staring intently at the lampshade and the cat. It’s as if the pair thoroughly thinks about what they should do for the day.

Ughh! We’re bored!

After some time, Margo and Pepper still did not have any ideas as to their agenda. With a bored look plastered on their faces, the dogs laid down on the mattress, wondering what to do.

A few more minutes passed, the pooches can no longer hold on with their boredom.

Margo peeked at the window to look out for Mom’s arrival, while Pepper’s glued to the mattress, blankly staring at the cat. However, as Mom’s not coming home anytime soon, Margo went back to her original position and stayed by Pepper’s side.

Mom, come home! We miss you.

Minutes turned to hours; still, the dogs continued lying down on the sofa bed. It’s apparent how bored the dogs are as they patiently wait for Mom to come home.

Eventually, the dogs fell asleep. However, Pepper suddenly woke up, leaving Margo snoozing on the mattress. Perhaps, the pooch can no longer patiently wait and instead found other productive things to do.

Margo persisted waiting on the couch even if it meant doing it alone. However, it looks like the pooch’s efforts did not go in vain as she suddenly perked up.

Did Mom finally come home? View the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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