Dogs are not created the same. Some adore water, while others simply hate it. If you are among the dog owners that have the latter, then you know how difficult it is to get your dog to take a bath. It’s a constant struggle, especially if you have a large dog.

But there are also those that would love nothing more than to go have a nice dip in the pool or the sea. This is the case for a West Highland Terrier named Christy. Ever since the pooch was a young pup, she loved going inside their backyard pool. Her day wouldn’t be complete without a nice swim.

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Excited is too tame a word


When Christy’s family had to go on a trip, they had no choice but to bring their dogs with them. It was a five-day trip that didn’t include any opportunity to have a swim. So when they were finally able to go back home, the first thing that Christy wanted was to get into their pool. And to say that Christy was excited was not strong enough to describe her emotions.

Luckily, someone was able to film the hilarious moment.

The video started with Christy waiting by the sliding glass door in their living room. She is with her sister, Annie, and she was jumping up and down trying to get out. She is waiting for her dad to open the door. And when the glass was finally slid open, Christy was probably the fastest dog alive then.

Christy runs straight to the pool and dove right in. Her sister, Annie, was probably not as fond of swimming as her, as she just ran around. Christy, on the other hand, couldn’t be any happier. She dog paddles around the small pool with a big grin on her face.

The dog does a lap around the pool and then takes a quick breather in the pool’s steps. After a couple of seconds, she goes back to do another lap. Christy looks so adorable as she enjoys her dip. Hopefully, she won’t have to wait another five days to do her most favorite thing in the world.

Source: Rumble Viral via Youtube



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