UPS drivers often get assigned the same routes every day. Because of this, they end up befriending people they come across with regularly, and they also make friends with the dogs. Some of them get so close with the dogs that they even bring treats and toys for their favorite dogs just to get those puppy kisses.

For UPS driver, Katie Newhouser, she ended up spending a lot of time with one of the pit bulls along her route who’s named Leo. Katie also grew closer to Leo’s mom, Tina. According to Tina, her son found Leo when he was still a puppy. Because Leo was so young when they adopted him, he had to be bottle fed every few hours.

Because Leo got adopted at a very young age, he grew to be very close to Tina and thought of her as his mom. The two did everything together.


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However, in July 2017, Katie saw devastating news in a social media post. She learned that her friend, Tina, passed away. Katie was heartbroken, and at the same time, she was also concerned about what will happen to her canine friend, Leo. She knew that Leo would be taken to an animal shelter if no one adopts him.

So, Katie contacted Tina’s son to ask if he was taking the dog. Unfortunately, Tina’s son was in the marines and said that it was impossible for him to take Leo. At that moment, Katie decided to adopt Leo.

Katie was worried at first because she already owned three dogs. She’s concerned that Leo and her other furbabies wouldn’t get along. However, her worries were unfounded after taking Leo home. The dogs instantly bonded and took Leo in as their sibling. Leo loved her dogs, and the dogs also loved him back.

Understandably, Leo really missed his mom, Tina. Leo would whimper at night before falling asleep, but thanks to Katie and her other dogs, Leo eventually adjusted and became part of the family.

Thanks to Katie, Leo now lives with a beautiful family after his mom passed away. Here’s a heartwarming video of Leo’s story and how Katie adopted him and became part of her family.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube



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