Dogs can do a lot of things and they have proven it to us in so many ways. With proper training, some of them can become what we call ‘service dogs’ that help and save people. There are also those ‘home dogs’ that provide humans company and positivity in the house.

There are a lot of dogs worldwide rendering service to humans in their own special ways. Some dogs are under the care of the military while others have personal handlers that train them to do extraordinary things. In either case, they give humans the service we never expected them to do. Seeing our dogs do some extraordinary things can already spread positivity and good vibes around us.

New York’s Brew Dogs

In New York, there are two dogs known as ‘brew dogs.’ They are famous for delivering beers to the houses of their customers. These two dogs are named Barley and Buddy from Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington.


Since the lockdown began in Huntington, Barley and Buddy busied themselves with helping their owners in delivering beers to the houses of their customers. Later on, many customers have been requesting the duo to do the task. The real deal is that they have been driving the revenue of their family-owned business! And with the beer cans slung around their necks, they have been bringing so much happiness and cheers to their customers!

The story of the dogs delivering the brew and goodwill made national news. The dogs’ owners say the dogs are just doing what they do naturally, greeting and spreading cheer.

The cans around their necks are actually empty and just symbolic.  Their owners actually deliver the microbrew but the dogs deliver the smiles letting their customers know they miss them.  When not helping to deliver beer, Buddy and Barley work the floor.

Dogs’ Positive Vibes

People say that if you want to let go of the sadness or ease the tiredness, look at a baby. Babies never fail to bring so much happiness to anyone. Well, dogs do the same thing for their owners. Dogs bring countless moments of joy that no one could ever give. Dogs’ positive vibes are one of the reasons why humans keep on adopting and bringing them into their houses.

Watch the dogs in action below thanks to NBC via Youtube.

Source: Photos via Facebook



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