Stories about puppies being abandoned are shockingly becoming too common these days. Some dog owners find themselves overwhelmed when their dogs bear children, and they simply abandon them, exposing them to danger and eventual death. Having their dogs spayed or neutered early on would have been an easier and more humane option.

It’s sad and hard to think about what happens to these neglected pups, but sometimes, you come across stories that will warm your heart. Like this story of three puppies who were abandoned by their previous owner. These pups were placed in a cardboard box and were just left on the streets. Fortunately, someone found them and made the right decision to look for help.

Wounds and fleas all over

The vets were shocked to see that the dogs have numerous wounds all over their bodies. They were not just abandoned, but they were abused and neglected too.


Some of the wounds have been severely infected and have gone rotten. Worms were already eating the dead flesh. All three had numerous fleas as well. With all their health conditions, plus the lack of food and water, the dogs were very weak and had merely days to survive.


The vets had to act fast. First, they gave them antibiotics and other medications. They were also given food and water and a medicated bath. The dogs were also put under intensive care and treatment; they were watched all the time. Thankfully, all that attention worked, the dogs looked way better after three days.

The pups had to stay in the hospital for a few more days, and after they were cleared, they transferred to a shelter were a kind-hearted woman took care of them. The three were given all the water and food that they need and had their own space to live in. They also became active and playful pups, and everybody there loved them. Some of the older dogs would even act as their surrogate parents.

In time, the three puppies will be strong enough to be adopted. Hopefully, they will go to a family that will truly love and take care of them. To watch the video, click the link below.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official via Youtube



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