For many dog parents out there, their furry best buds aren’t just their pets. They are their helpers and without these dogs, their jobs would be much harder to do.

Farmers are among those who benefit the most from working dogs. The pups make sure that their livestock are herded around their farm and that no stragglers would get away.

Getting a herding doggo usually wouldn’t cost much, but in Australia, a highly skilled working dog was sold at a whopping 35,200 Australian dollars or 27,090 USD.


The Australian Kelpie named Hoover was described by his previous owners as the “complete package.” They also claimed that the pooch had a cool personality that just makes him a special dog.

Hoover used to belong to Sarah and David Lee. The farmer couple trained the pup to become the best herding doggo in the country, and it looks like Hoover is the real deal. The pupper was bought by an unnamed cattle and sheep grazier at the Australian Premier Working Dog Auction in Casterton.

The astronomical price for Hoover is due to the fact that many farmers wanted to buy him. The Kelpie is highly skilled at herding both cattle and sheep and that makes Hoover a versatile herding doggo.

Sarah Lee, Hoover’s previous owner, shared that this pooch is also able to bond with his humans instantly. Sarah also said that the pupper is one big ball of energy and this allows him to work for hours at any farm.

Watch the video below to see Hoover at work. It’s amazing to watch the pooch do his job because he’s just so good. In the clip below, Hoover displayed that he could totally control livestock regardless of the headcount and that he could run out to stragglers who try to break away from the group. See the doggo in action in the video below.

Credits: Guardian News



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