When the emergency service dispatch receives numerous hang up phone calls from the same number they must send a patrol to a call source to investigate.

One day, the 911 operator from Lakeville, Minnesota, received sixteen hang up calls in half an hour. In every one of these calls, the 911 operator couldn’t hear anything but dogs barking in the background.

When police officers went to the address to investigate the nature of these calls, no one answered the door. However, they heard dogs barking inside the house.  The officers were going to clear the call when dispatch relayed that they had received another call from the location.


The officers were able to contact the owner and get permission to enter the house.   After clearing the house and finding only the owner’s two dogs, the officers tried to determine where the calls were originating from.

The officers found the homeowner’s cell phone upstairs set to emergency call mode.  By tapping the phone face a 911 call can be made.  The officers theorized that the two dogs were rough housing and hit the phone with their paws resulting in the calls.

The officers were amused with the dogs’ antics and determined the dogs were just having a bad day and knew who to call.

The pups were curious, and they had played with the mobile phone for some time. In the process, they had called 911 sixteen times in half an hour period, which gave the police a reason to be suspicious, so they went to investigate.

All dog lovers are well aware of all the mischief that their beloved four-legged friends tend to do when they’re home alone. Sometimes they make smaller problems and sometimes bigger ones. However, this case belongs to the funniest ones any dog has ever made.

The case of home-alone dogs calling 911 emergency services ended up on Fox Channel 9 news. Take a look at this incredible story.

Video credit via FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul



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