There was a woman who found a dog in Cancun, Mexico who was chained outside of a house. The dog found was a three-year-old Pitbull mix who did not have any access to food, water or any shelter.

If that’s not bad enough, this dog’s chain is so short that he can’t even lie down to sleep. When he wants to rest, he leans his head against the chain. That is not a comfortable position for anyone to be in.

The dog Totopo also had some severe health issues like ringworms, mange, and it seems that his skin has been burnt in multiple places. This canine has gone through some troubled time.


When the woman who found Totopo asked the homeowners what happened to Totopo, they answered that he was being punished for chasing a chicken. Burning some parts of the dog’s body is hardly a punishment. It’s torture.

The concerned woman then took the dog to a friend and owner of Riviera Rescue AC, Matteo Saucedo. Then a certain Lacey who saw Totopo’s picture on a social media platform knew that she wanted to help him. Lacey was based in New York while Totopo was thousands of miles away.

That did not stop her though. Lacey contacted Saucedo and made arrangements for Totopo to be brought to New York. In New York, Lacey and the Animal Haven team would help find the canine a new home.

His fur has not entirely grown yet, and his injuries are still healing. This dog did not lose his spirit despite everything he went through.

Totopo has also adjusted well to his new life in New York City. He has openly embraced the love that he been deprived of for so long. It is impressive that even when he went through torture, he does not have any behavioral or attitude problems.

Totopo has gone through so much but accepted only the good things in his new life. A life that is full of love and support. A life that Totopo deserves.

Source Little Paws via YouTube



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