One can’t control how he is born in this world, but he can control how he chooses to live his life in this world. Little Bonsai was a puppy born to an English Bulldog breeder. This little pup was born with many birth defects which included two lame legs.

Due to Bonsai’s condition, he was to undergo a couple of medical procedures. He has a lot of challenges ahead of him, but he remained firm. One of his surgeries involved getting his legs amputated.

This little pup had skeletal issues as well. His spine was short and crooked, which poses a threat to his posture and how he will be able to carry himself upon movement.


The x-ray results also showed that Bonsai was born with multiple sacs of fluid inside his body. He was also suffering from swimmer’s syndrome. As mentioned, this dog is going through so much at such a young age.

The Swimmer’s syndrome causes extra pressure on his internal organs when he is upright which makes lying on his back his preferred lying position. But this pup never gave up.

An organization that helps dogs with birth defects is extending its hand to help Bonsai. Other donations and contributions by multiple individuals are used to pay for his medical treatments.

This little ball of fur is making so much progress that he is even meeting new friends and has grown to be such a big boy. He has created so much joy with people that he meets.

Even when everything seemed against him, he never lost his zest for life. He never forgot the enthusiasm that life is going to get better. And thanks to everyone who was kind enough to make sure that he lives a good quality of life.

And this survivor is facing the world with a big smile on his face.

Source Little Paws via YouTube



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