Adoption offers poured in when a viral photo of an abandoned pit bull became viral.

When a family left their Detroit home, they left behind unnecessary things, including their pet. For a month, the dog sat calmly on his owners’ old curb.


On Oct. 16, Dustin Oliver, the founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, received information about the dog through an animal rescue Facebook page. The one who posted about it was a neighbor who also fed the pit bull. She claimed that she called various rescue organizations, but none of them came to rescue him.

After that, Oliver decided to visit the dog. He observed the dog curled up on an old mattress, waiting for his family to return, as soon as he arrived. He guessed that it might be his owner’s mattress.

Oliver took the dog’s photo and uploaded it to the internet. The picture drew immediate attention. Some people suggested naming him Boo.

He realized he needed to take his time with Boo, especially since the dog always ran away whenever Oliver approached him. The loyal Pitbull needs to accept that his owners will never return. He also needs to start trusting other people again.

As soon as the dog began to trust him, he immediately took Boo to the nearest veterinarian’s clinic. The staff said that Boo had heartworms. Apart from that, Oliver claims that Boo is in good condition.

He also noticed a drastic change in the dog’s personality. Boo is now in the care of a veterinarian and looking for a foster family. The photo Oliver originally uploaded on Facebook became viral after someone re-posted it on Oct. 19.

Over 3,600 people shared the post, and over 23,000 people reacted to it. Since then, he’s received numerous requests for Boo’s adoption.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: WatchZozo



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