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Brandy Fowler is a part-time volunteer at Rescue Ranch in North Carolina. Ever since volunteering for the animal shelter, Brandy already became part of numerous rescue operations that the group did. But if there is one rescue operation that Brandy will not forget – it would be rescuing Whiskey.

Whiskey and another dog got rescued by Brandy’s team from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina. The rescue was successful, and Brandy’s team transported the two dogs to the shelter. But at that time, the shelter has reached its capacity, so Brandy decided to foster Whiskey.

As a volunteer, Brandy feels an emotional attachment to the dogs she rescues. Since she got the chance of fostering Whiskey, Brandy wasted no time in pampering the dog. After receiving the green light to foster Whiskey, Brandy brought the dog to a vet.


At the clinic, the volunteer learned that the dog is already old and is suffering from numerous health concerns. Aside from being underweight, Whisky also has heartworms and splenic tumors.

According to the vet who checked the dog, the dog’s condition is difficult to treat given Whiskey’s age. The vet likewise told Brandy that Whiskey might not live that long.

But even with this, Brandy continued to stay positive for the lovely dog. She had plans in place for Whiskey and vowed that she would make the dog’s remaining time great.

Although it was difficult to accept the dog’s fate, Brandy compensated it by providing a bucket list for Whiskey. The dog has already stricken some items in the list, including eating an ice cream sundae, painting a picture, and appearing on television.

While Whiskey has yet to finish all items on his list, Brandy is doing everything so the dog would achieve all these. For now, Brandy’s goal is to keep Whiskey as healthy as possible.

Credits to Scruffy The Dog.



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