An urgent call reached Hope For Paws early last year. The caller said that he had spotted a severely injured dog living near a bustling highway. Concerned for the safety of the pup, Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte headed out to the desert the very next morning.

The Good Samaritan pointed out the location where the dog stays. At first glance, Eldad and Loreta can tell that he was in bad shape. But when the rescuers looked a little closer, they realized that the poor dog had already lost his paw.


Loreta slowly approached the terrified dog and offered him some food. The little dog ate the pieces of bread thrown his way. But he was very nervous and kept retreating further into the brush.

About ten minutes later, the rescuers introduced the gentle snare. While he kept accepting the food, every little movement scared the dog they now called Washington away. So using a dog snare was no longer an option.

Knowing how nervous Washington is, the rescuers knew he needed time. They wanted him to realize that they are there to help, so they waited patiently until he calmed down a bit. But half an hour later, gardeners arrived in the area with their heavy and very loud equipment, and that left him more anxious.

Forty-five minutes out, the rescuers are almost out of food. Afraid that the dog would run away, Loreta resorted to doing something extreme. As she handed the last piece of bread, she grabbed the dog’s nape.

Washington bit his rescuer multiple times, but Loreta didn’t let go. She waited until Eldad secured him with the gentle snare. And once he did, they waited for him to relax before walking back into the car.

The team headed back to Los Angeles for medical treatment for both Loreta and Washington. Despite the pain he had to endure, the dog still wagged his tail. Excitement and gratitude filled him as he realized that he’s already safe.

Staffers shaved Washington’s matted fur before giving him a nice warm bath. His paw was mostly gone. Some of his bones broke, and a few also exposed. But while his condition wasn’t so favorable at all, the vet figured out a way to save his leg.

Washington stayed with Paw Prints In The Sand Rescue, where he spent time recuperating. Once he was strong enough, he left to be with his new forever family.

Watch Washington’s rescue and transformation from terrified stray to happy survivor in the video below:

Story and video credit to Hope For Paws




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