When Nicole was a little girl her grandmother gave her a cute puppy. She immediately fell in love with the puppy in a pink bow and named her Chloe. They established a strong bond and became the best of friends. Their friendship only lasted for four years because Nicole’s family had to make a heartbreaking decision.

Nicole’s dad changed jobs and they could no longer have a dog.  The decision was made to surrender Chloe to the Washington area Humane Society.  Being separated from her best friend made Nicole lonely and sad.  She never knew what happened to Chloe.

Years later,  Nicole saw a Facebook friend’s post who was trying to rehome a senior dog she had been fostering. The dog’s elderly owner had died a few years before.  The photo reminded Nicole of the beloved dog she had been forced to give up years before.


The dog’s name was even Chloe.  Nicole just knew the senior dog had to come home with her. The connection between the two was instant.  Nicole realized that Chloe’s mannerisms were the same as her Chloe’s.

It seemed impossible, but could this be her Chloe?  She contacted the Facebook friend who had been fostering Chloe for more information and that friend was able to track down the elderly owner’s nephew.  It seems that Chloe had been adopted from the Washington area Humane Society years ago.

She wanted to find the truth, so she asked her mom to call the Humane Society in Washington so they could obtain Chloe’s chip number. Nicole also took Chloe to the local vet to have her microchip scanned. It was indeed a stroke of luck because the chip numbers matched. She was now adopting the dog that she was forced to give up when she was a child.

Nicole couldn’t believe that she would unexpectedly meet her childhood pet. Their heartwarming reunion is a reminder for everyone not to give up hope.

Posted by Nicole Renae on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Image Source: Nicole Renae via Facebook



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