Being a baby and having a golden dog for a pal and constant companion is the best gig in a kid’s life. At least, that’s how we think it is, given the positive effect they have on each other.

Both need only the basics, and when they’re met, you’ve got two sources of fun and unbridled joy. They’re happy to be in the moment, and the most simple acts bring both parties happiness and laughter.


This Golden Retriever named Bailey is baby Zlata’s buddy and protector. The duo loves spending time hanging out, whether it’s on the couch or somewhere else.

As long as they have each other, these two manage to have fun. Perhaps for Bailey, looking at those pink cheeks and chewy toes and hands bring him a sense of accomplishment.

It’s an honor for a dog to be responsible for a tiny hooman, and he’s glad he has Zlata to take care of. Their parents are supportive of their friendship, knowing that the baby is safe with Bailey around.

Talk about trust, and a big one at that too! No wonder Zlata can get away with anything, and today, her interest was in Bailey’s mouth. The pet was trying to get some zzz’s, but the hooman kid had other plans.

She repeatedly stuck her finger in the doggo’s mouth, prompting Bailey to react. The tot smiled cheekily, knowing that she got her pal a little ruffled.

Bailey didn’t mind at all and proceeded to let the toddler do what she wanted. They took pictures sitting side by side, and then it was back to lounging on the couch.

Zlata got her toy and proceeded to poke Bailey with it. The dog responded and took the toy from the baby, but the faithful doggo returned it to her when she protested.

Good boy, Bailey! Continue doing excellent work, cheers to a fun-filled future ahead!

Photo and video credits to Zlata Life via YouTube



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