Howl of a Dog learned that a dog in the city pound needed help. The poor animal was starved. She was sick, and she was already on the kill list.

Rescuers rushed to save the dog, whom they later on named Harper. When they saw her, they felt astonished and heartbroken at the same time. Harper’s paws were red, freezing, and irritated because the floor on her tiny cage was constantly wet and cold.


As soon as the rescue workers managed to pull Harper out of the busy city pound, they drove her straight to the hospital. Besides a thorough examination, the vets also drew some blood to get more information about her general health and identify any possible illness. Later on, she received a soothing bath.

Harper tested positive for intestinal infections, so the doctors placed her on special medications. Weeks later, she went back to the clinic back for a follow-up check-up. And thankfully, all the tests came back negative.

As the days passed, Harper’s real personality started to shine. She became playful, happy, and a little mischievous at times. But she’s so grateful for the help she received, so she kept kissing her rescue friends to thank them for their kind heart.

Now completely healed, there’s just one more thing missing; Harper’s own family. Her rescue friends shower her with so much love and affection. But being in a home is still a lot different than staying in a rescue facility. And so, Howl of a Dog worked double-time to fulfill Harper’s wish.

A wonderful family watched Harper’s rescue video on social media. They instantly fell in love with her, so they hopped on a plane and traveled far away just to meet her in person. Soon, Harper was on her way home.

Today, Harper lives a great life in Munich, Germany. She has a beautiful huge garden where she plays all day long. But most importantly, she now has her mom and dad who love and adore her so much.

Credits to Howl of a Dog



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