A kind woman saw an injured dog on the streets. Many people have passed by, but no one helped the canine. She knew this canine needed help, so she brought it to a shelter.

A rescue volunteer named Ermioni went over to check how the dog was doing. Ermioni checked the dog while it was inside the kennel. She tried to pet the dog. It was very withdrawn and would only stare at the ceiling.

It refused to make any sort of eye contact. Ermioni realized that they need to take their time with the dog. Ermioni and her team wanted to get to know him better so they spent as much time with him as possible.. Maybe then, he would open up.


Ermioni also saw the dog’s injury. Since they don’t know much about his background, they assumed that he got hit by a car. He was having trouble walking or standing up. His trauma might have injured his spine that affected his leg. They wouldn’t know for sure until they get his x-ray results.

Once they did, they are going to make sure that he gets the therapy that he needs. They also encouraged the dog to walk around the shelter. They did not put him in a kennel anymore.

They wanted him to use his leg as much as possible. This has really helped the canine. In time, he was comfortable to walk around without assistance. This also made a huge difference in his attitude.

Ever since he can walk painlessly, he has been a happier canine. He interacts with everybody and enjoys playing with his fellow shelter dogs.

The rescuers are very pleased with his progress. They know that he will soon be ready for a family. He would continue with therapy and get even better. This is to prepare him for his future life.

Source DAR Animal Rescue via YouTube



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