As millions of people go about their days while in self-isolation, they are discovering new interests and coming up with ways to fight boredom. And among the most popular activities that they try to do is pet grooming. While some people’s attempts had great results, many ended up with their pets’ messy look.

Just take Chris Evans for example. He tried to groom his dog Dodger, but his pup ended up having uneven fur; some parts were trimmed while others remained thick. The same happened to a self-isolating woman. She tried to groom her Pomeranian, but she failed horribly.

The results, though, were funny. Nevertheless, the dog still looked cute.


An attempt at pet grooming


Hermione Olivia, founder and owner of a jewelry line called Atelier Romy, took pet grooming into her own hands. However, her creativity and artistry when it comes to jewelry design did not translate well into this particular endeavor.

She posted on Instagram the before-and-after photos of her Pomeranian named Mashi. In the first photo, the Pom looked so elegant and cute. However, the second photo showed the failed grooming attempt. The dog looked unhappy, and she ended up looking like a bunny, as her new style emphasized her long ears and small head.

Hermione wrote a caption that advised people to take it from her dog and wait until the professionals were back.

According to PETA, however, dog owners should be careful when it comes to grooming their pets. Owners are advised to find a safe and well-lit place when fixing their pets. They should also use proper dog-grooming equipment.

Some funny remarks from the netizens

As the dog looked funny and quite weird because of the failed grooming attempt, people online had a field day. The post became a viral sensation. It had more than 5K likes and over 1.5K comments.

One user wrote that she spat her smoothie when she swiped the photo. Another said that this was one of the funniest things she had seen in a long time.

Image Source: Hermione Olivia via Instagram



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