Charlie is a senior dog. He is 11 years old and is blind. He suffered from glaucoma a few years back and he needed to have both of his eyes removed.

That kind of a big change is bound to greatly affect anyone. To have your world become dark all of a sudden is very challenging. Charlie adjusted and plowed through his day to day life. However, his predicament made him slow down and be less energetic.


His owners, Chelsea Stipe and her husband, thought that Charlie might need a companion. He was still happy, but having a friend by your side is always a good change.

One day, they brought home a new addition to their family — a puppy named Maverick. Now that there is another canine in the house, Charlie started changing for the better. He and Mav instantly became the best of friends.

They became inseparable. Maverick’s youthfulness affected Charlie and he seemed to have a refreshed vigor. Stipe shared that Charlie became more playful ever since Maverick arrived. Before, he ignored the toys that they would buy him. Now, the two of them are always playing together.

Maverick may be young but he is definitely intuitive. He understands how Charlie is different and he is always there to assist his dear friend. He seems to know that Charlie is without his sight so he adjusts to his limitations.

Stipe said that Maverick helps Charlie in his own ways like putting toys in front of him, keeping him in line when walking, and acting as a lookout for him whenever they move. The sweet dog also often rests beside Charlie assuring the senior dog that he is not alone.

There is no denying that the two have a one of a kind friendship and that they are perfect together. Their ages were in contrast but they found a beautiful way to connect.

Credits to Charlie And Maverick on Instagram



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