Lots of people love coffee. Many claim that they cannot function properly without having some invigorating sips from their cup of joe. They may even consider coffee as their fuel that will power them through the day.

This is the reason people love cafes, such as Starbucks. And some are more than thankful that Starbucks has a drive-through, so that they will be able to get their coffee fix while they are on the road.

But it is not just people who love Starbucks — even dogs love it, too! This is what Stefanie Papasoff witnessed when she went to a Starbucks drive-through to buy her drink.


A cute pup queuing


While Stefanie was waiting for her turn, she noticed something adorable in the car ahead of her. A cute dog was sticking its head out of the car window. It seemed to be anxiously waiting for something. It was as if the dog was a Starbucks regular.

The drive-through window then opened. The barista handed over a cup of Puppuccino. The dog was so excited about it that it lapped the treat up.

The barista who was holding the cup seemed to be amused, too. Stefanie captured the moment on Snapshot and captioned it as the best thing caught on her camera.

According to Stefanie, it seemed that the Puppuccino was the only item the car ordered. What a lucky dog.

What is Puppuccino?

Some of you may ask what a Puppuccino is. It is a Starbucks treat especially made for dogs. Don’t worry; there is no coffee or caffeine in it!

A cup of Puppuccino just contains whipped cream. And the best part? It is free! So the next time you order at a Starbucks drive-through, consider getting this treat for your furry friend.

If you are worried about giving your dog Puppuccino, it’s best to have a vet check on them first. Some dogs are lactose intolerant.

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing this funny story.



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