Say “Hello!” to Sonic – a sweet pug who has a loving family that always dotes on him. This pug, however, seems to want some reassurance that his family actually loves him. And he does it in the most absolute and cutest way possible – by making himself disappear.

For years, the pug has had this hilarious habit of hiding whenever he feels that his humans are not paying him enough attention. However, his favorite hiding spot actually does not offer 100% concealment. Sonic clearly does not have any idea of his failed shenanigans!

So where does Sonic hide?

Some dogs actually like to play hide and seek, and normally, they are the ones who look for those who are hiding. In this case, it is Sonic who needs to be found. So where does he hide? Behind the lace curtains!


From his hiding place, he likes to watch his family worry and scramble around. Sonny’s act seems to be a petty reminder of how much worse things may get when he is not around.

Junior Alvarado, Sonic’s owner, says that the pup does not move when they call him; Sonic just stares, believing that the family does not see him.

The family loves Sonic so much!

Junior and the rest of the family always know where the pup is hiding, of course. But they decide to play along just to show the dog how much the family cares for him. Junior says that Sonic usually peers through the curtains as they pretend to look for him.

Once the little pug senses that his family is quite desperate (or is on the verge of giving up), he will then reveal himself. Junior says that they will make a comment that they are relieved to find Sonic. Apparently, Sonic does this almost every day, and his family always passes this little test of him.

Junior says that Sonic is a very pampered dog and that everyone treats him like family.

Image Source: Junior Alvarado via Facebook



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