This dog makes the strangest sounds. Sometimes he will sound like a siren, and sometimes he will sound like a tornado warning. His parents named him Tornado because of it.

Amanda and Stefan used to go to an animal shelter in their area. They had seen Tornado there a couple of times. He’s always been vocal ever since they’ve known him.

Tornado was fostered by one of the employees in the shelter. She did not know how or when Tornado started making these sounds. Tornado did make the sounds while he was fostered.


Amanda and Stefan noticed that Tornado makes different noises for different locations. Somehow he knows where they’re going.

Tornado has one sound when they are on their way to the park. He has a different sound when they are on their way to his grandparent’s house. It seems that he knows their destinations because he has a specific sound for each of them.

The funniest sound that he makes are the sounds whenever they are in the car. He makes the sound because he wants to sit in the front seat. His parents will not allow him to do that. Tornado makes these noises to annoy his parents.

Amanda and Stefan don’t get annoyed, though, as they have gotten used to the sound. This is the first time that Amanda and Stefan got a pitbull-type of dog. They did not realize that they were such goofballs.

Tornado is always making the couple laugh with his quirkiness. Tornado may be a goofball, but he is a sweetheart too. He is always there to comfort, especially Amanda. When Amanda gets upset or sighs too loud, Tornado will come running over to her immediately.

Tornado will then lie next to her and make her feel better. That’s why Amanda considers Tornado as her protector. This family of three has a very strong connection with each other. Amanda and Stefan would not want it any other way.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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