After spending almost two years at a Los Angeles animal shelter, this pit bull named Melvin can now start a new life. This is because the dog recently got adopted by a kind couple who was searching for a breed like Melvin’s.

The dog arrived at the Long Beach Animal Care Service after the volunteers from this shelter found him wandering the streets. When he got rescued, Melvin received so much love from the volunteers of the shelter. According to the volunteers, they knew that the person who would adopt the dog would be lucky. This is because Melvin is a sweet and talented dog.

Since they wanted to help the dog find a new home, the volunteers began searching for potential adopters. However, no matter how hard they try, fate seems elusive for the dog.


It was a heartbreaking development for the volunteers because they know that Melvin deserves a loving family.  Things Melvin could not change where his coat color and breed. Before they knew it, years went by, and no adoption request was made for the dog.

As Melvin became a long length-of-stay at the shelter, the volunteers knew they had to make him happy and upbeat. Melvin received hours of training and daily enrichment necessary to keep him mentally and physically resilient in the shelter environment.

While the volunteers always take turns in playing with the cute dog, Melvin also received hundreds of hours of animal behavior training.  He spent the last four months in foster care to help prepare him for his forever family.

The long wait for Melvin ended when a family visited the shelter looking for a pit bull. According to the family, they want to fill the void that was left by their former pet, who was also a pit bull. When they heard about Melvin, the family knew the dog was the one they were looking for.

After meeting Melvin for the first time, the family immediately built a good rapport with the dog. As such, they processed all the needed documents for the dog’s adoption. When they secured these documents, they brought Melvin home with them and promised they would take good care of the dog.

Melvin is settled in his new home with a family that has experience with his breed and two pit bull brothers.

Credits to spcaLA.



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