A few weeks before Christmas, Crystal Fentress from Oklahoma received an exceptional gift. It was a reunion that she never expected. If you are wondering with whom, it was with Lela, Crystal’s dog, who got separated from her for ten long years.

Lela arrived at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare back on December 3, 2019. The shelter officials noticed the microchip on the boxer dog. However, they were initially not confident that they would be able to contact the pup’s owner. The shelter’s representative, Morgan Epperson, explained that this was because the last update on Lela’s microchip was back in 2009.


Posted by Morgan Epperson on Tuesday, December 3, 2019



Crystal was confused when she first got the call, saying she did not have any missing dog. Then, Crystal asked if the name of the dog was Lela. When Morgan confirmed the name, Crystal instantly broke down. The following day, Crystal drove to the shelter to pick up her pooch.

According to reports, Crystal was doing home health work. When she moved back from Texas to Oklahoma, her new apartment did not allow pets. So, one of Crystal’s patients took Lela in, and eventually, she lost contact with them. She did not know that Lela had been lost.

Posted by Morgan Epperson on Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Morgan documented the emotional reunion and shared it on social media. In the posted video, Crystal was seen kneeling on the floor while Lela was walking toward her. Then, a big hug followed. Before leaving the shelter, Crystal also hugged Morgan and told her how thankful she was.

Morgan said that she was already in tears during the phone call alone. She doesn’t know how she would react if she were the one who got reunited with her dog after ten years. Morgan stressed how important it is to put a microchip on animals. As she said, crazy and unexpected things like this happen.

Credit: Morgan Epperson



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