Most dogs are low maintenance. You just have to provide them the basics to keep them happy. For example, you give your pup a safe shelter, healthy food, and some toys, and they’ll be alright.

It would also be great if you took them out for regularly scheduled walks and park visits. And when you’re at home, you might want to pet your pup if only to show them that you love them despite not being around 24/7. Petting a pup is no big deal.

After all, if you love dogs enough to take one home, you’re probably amenable to giving belly rubs here and there. The problem happens when you end up with a dog that’s needier than most dogs. That’s the situation we have in our featured video.


The video begins with a fur-parent lounging on a couch. He’s chilling and is soon joined by a basset hound. The dog’s name is Henry.

Henry loves his dad so much. He wants his dad’s undivided attention whenever he’s around. But today dad seems a little tired, or maybe he’s just pulling Henry’s leg.

He won’t be bothered with giving Henry belly rubs and neck scratches. That is despite how the dog makes it known that he’s in need of belly rubs and neck scratches. In no time Henry’s in his dad’s lap, desperate for physical contact.

But dad’s only interested in split-second rubs and scratches. Those are not enough for Henry’s needy heart. So the dog throws a mild tantrum.

Henry turns his back to his dad. He starts making whiny noises. He whimpers like he’s the most neglected dog in the entire world.

It’s all very funny. Also, quite adorable. We can feel how badly Henry desires his dad’s affection.

Henry plants a kiss on dad’s face. And with that, we end this story before it gets porny.

Thanks to Josh Kidney



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