There is a lot of trash that gets discarded on beaches every year. However, there aren’t too many people that go out of their way to help clean up the litter that is scattered everywhere. For one local beach in Scarborough, good Samaritans Fliss Carter and her Labrador Retriever named Molly are one of the few who go out of their way to make sure that any trash they come across gets picked up and brought to the right place.

Training to clean

Molly is a two-year-old Labrador who has always loved bringing her owner plastic bottles whenever she finds one. Because of this, her owner decided that this pooch’s talents can be put to better use. Fliss then started training her dog to pick up more than just plastic bottles to collect. She was also trained to dig up ropes, buckets, and other litter that is often found left behind on the beach.

To keep the pooch from getting harmed by trash like broken glass, Fliss had to teach Molly specific commands to follow. The doggie accidentally picked up a couple of dead animals on the beach when she was a puppy. However, Fliss has already trained Molly not to repeat that action anymore, and Molly hasn’t done it since.


Daily trash duty


Since Molly loves picking up litter so much, she and her owner have made this part of their daily routine. They would go on walks down at their local beach each day, and Molly would pick up the trash as they went. They get so many trash items that Fliss walks, holding a massive bin liner with her to be able to carry every item that Molly digs up at the beach.

The pooch has already made such an impact in her local community that she has already gained some fans. Fliss hopes that the doggie would become an inspiration to others so that they would lessen the amount of litter that they leave behind at the beach.

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