Dogs can act like brats sometime. Despite their parents’ warnings, they still manage to do the very things that their parents forbade them to do.

As such, it’s no wonder for one mom to scold her dog about his misdemeanor. However, this Siberian Husky’s one stubborn pooch with which to contend.

Azlan, where’s my shoe?

The video starts with Mom asking her Siberian Husky named Azlan regarding her missing shoe. However, as soon as Mom finished her question, Azlan stared at her directly in the eye. It’s as if the pooch is trying to tell Mom he didn’t do it.


But Mom knows better, as Azlan’s the only “person” in the house who’s capable of committing such an act. As such, Mom directly orders Azlan to bring back the shoe to her.

While Mom still gives out her orders, Azlan cuts in with a loud howl that sounded like a big no.

I did not steal your shoe, okay?

No matter how many times Mom orders Azlan to return her shoe, the pooch straightforwardly denies it. As Mom continues with her tirade, the pooch cuts her with yapping and whining.

However, as Mom is adamant to get her shoe, Azlan could only walk away towards an adjoining room – but not without some grumbling.

A few tense seconds passed; still, there’s no sign of Azlan’s return.

Here’s your shoe.

Azlan disappeared for quite some time, but what he brought along would surely make Mom happy.

Hurriedly trotting towards Mom, Azlan brought with him the shoe that Mom is looking for. Despite Mom catching Azlan red-handed, one can see no trace of guilt from the pooch.

While it looks like Mom forgave Azlan, she did not let him off the hook immediately. Instead, she gave the pooch a stern warning.

What do you think Mom’s warning was to Azlan? Find out how Mom ended the scene by watching the full video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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