A beagle named Buttermilk was caught in the act by her rescuers while she was trying to escape from her cage at The Isle Of Wight County Animal Shelter in Windsor, Virginia. She was just too determined to get out of the shelter—and if she had to do it herself, then, by all means, that’s what she was going to do.

On their Facebook page, the staff wrote about how some strays were able to land under their care. In the case of Buttermilk, one can only assume how she ended up with them—adding that whoever her future family is going to be will need to keep an eye on her continually. She is tiny, but she is mighty—with superb climbing skills.


And the naughty little cutie showcased just how superb her skills are in the video uploaded by the shelter on their social media account. She is seen mounting the mesh fence of her kennel without difficulty. And just when she thought she had it in the bag, she realizes that she had an audience, so she climbs back down her kennel.

The shelter worker recording the video reprimands the little sweetheart, asking her what she was doing. Guilty as charged, Buttermilk self-consciously looks at the camera. She knew she’d been naughty, so she wags her tail and slinks off to a corner.

Of course, the post about her went viral. They wrote a disclaimer-like caption along with the video saying that no beagles were harmed in the making of the clip. However, after she attempted to escape, the shelter had her checked just in case—thankfully, the daring darling is alright.

She was moved to a kennel with a different structure, though, to make sure she doesn’t try anything like that again. After all, she wasn’t staying for long in the facility because she did have an approved adopter who was picking her up immediately after her spay surgery. That’s excellent news, right?

We’re positive she won’t feel like she needs to escape anymore! For sure, her new family is going to give her all the love and care in the world, and there will be no reason for her to leave ever again!

It looks like she learned a thing or two from Michael Scofield of Prison Break—should we wait for a series about her life on Netflix, then?

Only time can tell, my friends.

Source: Isle of Wight County Animal Services / Facebook



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