More often than not, we hear and see stories of dogs wreaking havoc in their owner’s houses. The moment their owners walk out, they immediately do whatever they want to do – mostly at the expense of their owner’s sanity.

But, a certain black Labrador restores a dog lover’s faith in the canine community as he passes the most challenging test of all.

Everyone meet Hank.

The video starts with a short introduction of a certain Labrador named Hank.


There’s nothing out of the ordinary with Hank. He’s a perfectly healthy pooch with the most curious eyes the moment he stares at you. According to Hank’s  dad, he’s also a good boy, but he immediately rephrases it into a question.

And, just like any other dog, Hank also has his favorite things in life – peanut butter and cheese.

Don’t eat it, okay?

Knowing full well how Hank loves sandwiches made from peanut butter and cheese,  dad comes up with a test for the pooch.

Dad quickly makes a sandwich with Hank’s favorite ingredients right before the pooch’s eyes. It’s apparent how the pooch barely holds in his desire to gobble them all up even before Dad’s done making it.

When Dad’s finally done, he then left the sandwich on the living room floor with an accompanying instruction for Hank – do not eat the food as it’s for Dad.

Dad, where did you go?

After issuing his orders, Dad walked towards the other room. However, instead of touching the sandwich, Hank longingly stares at the place Dad went, waiting for his return.

All the time Dad was out of Hank’s view, the pooch didn’t touch the sandwich. That’s a good thing, as Dad returned to check on him a little while later. As Hank effortlessly passed the test, Dad increased the difficulty level by another notch.

After providing the same instructions for the pooch, Dad walked out the front door. But, do you think Hank still obediently followed through Dad’s instructions? If you’re dying inside to find out what happened next, click the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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