Huskies look adorable. They are big and strong, which are great for cuddling. They have fine fur, too, which means cuddling them is akin to snuggling with a cozy pillow.

But before getting a husky, dog devotees must learn a thing or two about how demanding it is to raise this particular canine breed. For one thing, huskies need lots of food. Now, if you want to stick within a specific budget, taking home a husky might not be the most practical idea.

Keep in mind that huskies need to live in a cool place in order for them to survive and thrive. Their thick coat makes them less adaptable in places where the weather’s often hot. Unless you plan to keep your husky within an airconditioned area, it’s best not to raise one in a tropical country, for instance.


If you insist on raising a husky somewhere hot, be ready to suffer this dog’s wrath. Yes, huskies are some of the grumpiest dogs out there. Case in point, the husky in our featured video.

The husky in our featured video goes by the name Burton. Here we see and hear Burton argue with his mommy. They’re arguing about whether or not they should go to the park.

Mommy wants to go, probably because she knows Burton needs exercise. Burton does not want to go, probably because it’s too hot outside. Burton and mommy go back and forth with their choice words for each other.

As you will notice in this video, huskies are very expressive. They are even regarded as some of the most talkative canine breeds out there. Yes, they won’t say no to a good debate.

Burton eventually wins the argument. By the looks of it, mommy has no power over her lazy dog. If Burton wants to stay home, Burton gets his way.

Thanks to Burton Husky



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