Dogs are not only smart and loyal but are many other things too. They are sassy, goofy, and are actually among the most resilient creatures out there. This adorable Great Pyrenees mix from Texas is proof of this.

When she was just four weeks old, Halo, the Great Pyrenees mix from Austin, Texas, was left alone in a box after her breeder found out that she had congenital disorders. She was born with a deformed back leg and no front feet, deeming her useless for the breeder.

Thankfully, she was immediately found by local rescuer Jamie Wallace-Griner, who also happened to be the Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch’s founder. This family-run, non-profit animal and children rescue organization had been helping neglected kids and animals around Austin for the past six years.


With Jamie’s rescue organization’s aid, Halo was immediately sent to the vet to have her legs checked. There, the doctors informed Jamie that the pooch needed to undergo surgery to have her front legs reconstructed and her back leg amputated once she was stronger.

Jamie knew this would be cause trauma for the poor girl, but surprisingly, Halo took everything in stride and couldn’t be happier after her operations. After everything that she went through, she managed to maintain her bubbly and enthusiastic personality.

Halo’s nubs have to be wrapped with plenty of padding to protect them as they heal.  The useless rear leg was amputated so as to leave the hip so Halo could still sit up.

Over time, she got used to her new condition and began to navigate by hopping around the ranch on soft surfaces. However, Jamie realized that she could still improve Halo’s quality of life with prosthetics. So when the pup was finally full-grown, she decided to get her a pair of prosthetic legs.

When they eventually came in the mail earlier in October, Jamie was excited to introduce the pup to her new gear. She carefully strapped the prosthetics to Halo’s front legs and let her get used to the contraption first. Jamie knew it would still take a few more tries and practices before Halo got the hang of her extended legs.

However, the fur mom was surprised when Halo was not only walking on her prosthetics a few moments later, but she also managed to run! Jamie cried as she watched her adorable pup try on her new legs, and she couldn’t be happier and prouder of her. Watch the tearjerker moment here.

Courtesy of Safe in Austin



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