We all want to be treated like a celebrity every once in a while. Having a dog practically solves that, and it happens on a daily basis – for free! That should be enough reason to adopt a dog.

Imagine being greeted like a rockstar every day after you come home from work. This Great Dane certainly did, and his actions were just what his hooman needed after a long day in the office.


Dogs have this special talent of making us feel like we’re their world. That’s probably because we are, and that’s what makes us love dogs even more. It’s lovely to be needed by innocent ones.

Great Danes are big dogs, so to see this one welcome dad home playfully’s such a treat. This doggo just proved that size, breed, and slippery floors are not an issue when it comes to this.

Daily welcome

Dad quietly watched in amused silence, but his heart was no doubt lifted by this incredible welcome. He was probably tired from working, but all that flew out the window because of his dog.

The doggo backed up as dad entered the living room, the pet slipping and sliding as he moved. This dog didn’t mind because his focus was on dad, and there couldn’t be anything sweeter.

We hope dad gave him a bit of playtime for his efforts. After all, this pet definitely deserved it for his consistency. This doggo definitely loves his dad, no question about it.

The Great Dane might have looked intimidating because of his sheer size, but he didn’t fool dad one bit. He’s all grown now, but he’ll be forever a puppy in his dad’s eyes.

You’re really blessed to have a dog like him, dad. He’s equally fortunate to have you as well, so here’s to many more rockstar welcomes like this!

Credits to Ray Scott via YouTube



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