Lisa Chiarelli was driving around the neighborhood when she saw a dirty dog lying beside a parked car. The Frankie, Lola & Friends Rescue worker admitted that she could not believe that the poor pup was left in such a horrible condition.

Lisa pulled up her car and asked a stranger she came across if they knew who owned the poor dog. Lisa recalled being told that the pup named Dodger belongs to the people who lived on the street corner.


Lisa shared that the first thing she thought of was why Dodger was not inside his owner’s fenced yard and how filthy he was. Lisa was told that Dodger’s owner did not want him, which was why they decided to let him go and wander around the neighborhood.

Lisa recalled that the owner told her she could take Dodger with her if she could catch him. The man said that Dodger keeps getting out of the yard and doesn’t listen, which he finds so irritating.

Lisa believes that Dodger has never experienced any bath in his entire life. Lisa knew that the puppy was never cared for, so she decided to coax the pup to follow her by giving him delicious doggy treats.

Lisa shared that Dodger’s tail started wagging a little bit, but she could tell that he was still nervous. Dodger tried coming closer to Lisa, but would immediately back away whenever he felt too close to her.

Lisa caught Dodger with a leash, and Dodger’s owner immediately helped carry the pup to her car. Lisa brought the doggy to a groomer, and after having a bath and trim, Dodger was a new dog. Lisa was so surprised how handsome the animal was.

Lisa took Dodger home for foster and introduced him to her dogs, Frankie and Lola.  Lisa placed the dog for adoption, and he was fortunately adopted in less than a week.

His new owners report that Dodger has settled into his new home and is very much loved.  He is finally living the life he deserves.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook



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