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Baby announcements have recently spiked in popularity and some people put their own little twists when doing the announcement.

Some people use the announcement to tell people about expecting their first child, and others use it to tell their only child that they are going to have a sibling. A highlight of these announcements is the reactions of all the people that are hearing the news for the very first time.

Baby announcements are most popular among humans but have gradually made their way towards the pet world. One golden retriever was lucky enough to get the announcement that he was going to be a big brother and sure enough, his reaction was priceless.


The golden retriever’s owner, John Bache, posted the video on his Youtube channel with a caption saying that his Golden retriever’s reaction upon finding out that he’s having a baby brother.

The video shows Bache and his golden retriever sitting on the couch. They are both relaxing when Bach suddenly leans towards him and whispers that someone was going to have a baby brother. The dog immediately jerked his head towards him as if to ask if he was hearing him right and if he was being serious.

The dog relaxes after being tensed up for a while and slowly looks away from its owner. Then Bache suddenly whispers the same thing again, and the dog tenses up again and goes back to staring at his dad.

Bache kept repeating the phrase and kept getting a reaction out of the dog every time he repeated it.

Bache and his wife ended up with another announcement saying that the sibling had been born and that it was a human baby and not a puppy. The golden retriever will certainly be a very good brother to his new baby brother.

Watch the golden retriever’s reaction to him becoming a big brother in the video down below.

Source John Bache via Youtube



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