Dogs are globally known for their kind hearts and compassionate spirit. They don’t mind lending someone a hand, even if it means more work on their part.

This Golden Retriever named Wally certainly added to his canine community’s good reputation when he took a woodchuck for a free ride.


To Wally, it was an opportunity to help a new friend out, and he didn’t hesitate to go another way and back to help another being in need.

The golden boy loved to swim from the shore to little islets that were in the middle of the lake. That’s where he found his hitchhiking friend, and Wally didn’t mind being its ride to shore.

Wally’s owner was just blown away by what happened, and even more so when the trip came to an end. The two pets touched noses, looked at each other for a bit, and then it was goodbye.

We’re not sure if they understood each other, but as it is with our furry friends, they always really find a way to get the message across. Communication was definitely not an issue between these two.

Anyone would be proud to have an empathetic pet like Wally, and we’re sure that his new friend appreciated his efforts. Although they weren’t sure if they’d see each other again, it was enough.

We bet that when these two chance upon each other again, they’d readily recognize a buddy. It was a brief encounter, but it mattered to both these furry animals.

Thank you for reminding us that a good deed never goes unappreciated. Wally may not have expected this to be picked up by the news, but here it was.

A simple act of goodwill, devoid of anything asked in return, just made everyone’s day. Bless you, Wally, and may your tribe increase!

Credits to WCVB Channel 5 Boston via YouTube



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