There are so many reasons why people adopt dogs. However, one of the most common reasons is that they are funny and will entertain their humans for hours. When it comes to dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are naturals when it comes to being funny.

In fact, a Golden Retriever named Huxley entertained hundreds of people on an international flight. While flying from London to Ibiza, Huxley was sitting right next to his mom. Eventually, the two-and-a-half-hour journey took its toll on the pup.

Huxley eventually got bored and grew tired of sitting for the duration of the flight. So, he decided to go for a walk inside the plane and ended up in the row just in front of where he and his mom were seated.



The dog sat next to a friendly stranger who didn’t mind having Huxley accompany him. Huxley’s mom, Ursula, tried to call her dog back to his seat. Huxley was being stubborn and refused to move.

However, Ursula had a secret weapon to get Huxley back. She opened a bag of potato chips. Sure enough, the sound of the bag of potato chips opening caught Huxley’s attention. He wanted a treat from his mom. What he did next made everyone on the plane laugh.

Instead of moving back to his seat, Huxley wedged his long snout between the seat, desperately trying to get his mom to give him some chips. Huxley drooled, stuck his tongue out as far as he could and generally made faces.

Although Huxley didn’t get a potato chip, he was very much successful in making people laugh. The passengers took pictures and selfies with Huxley. Although Huxley’s quite a big dog, he’s still a little puppy at heart.

It turns out that Huxley is a very popular Golden Retriever. He has thousands of followers on his social media account, and he’s known to make people laugh. Here’s a video of what Huxley did during the short flight to Ibiza. After seeing Huxley’s adorable face trying to get a chip from his mom, you surely won’t stop laughing.

Video Source Slideshow Of Animals via YouTube



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