Anyone who owns a husky knows how loud and excitable they can be. Gohan, however, is remarkably calm for a husky. He seems well-trained and disciplined, which is evident in his cup obstacle video.

In the video, his owner made him do the cup obstacle challenge by coaxing him with treats. The goal was to line up several cups on the floor from wall to wall, place a treat on the other side, and keep adding a line of cups per level.


Gohan quickly passed the first two levels by jumping over them. Level 3, however, stumped him a bit. The line was now too thick, and it seemed like he was too polite to push through the cups or accidentally knock them over.

Gohan walked away, almost as if he lost interest in the challenge. He suddenly showed up behind his owner, and it turned out he went around and came in through the other entrance!

The owner took him back to the other side to repeat the level. This time, Gohan didn’t hesitate and made a leap of faith, noisily knocking the cups over. The treat was just too irresistible.

The fourth level was almost too much for Gohan. The cups seemed too daunting that he kept trying to cheat by going around again. After a few minutes, Gohan heaved a sigh, sat down, and gave up.

Still, his owner pushed on until the final level. It entailed filling the whole corridor floor with cups. Gohan waddled through the sea of cups, stepping into the tiny gaps.

It took him a while because he tried so hard not to knock the cups over. After a few minutes, he managed to make it to the other side, but he made all the cups fall over when he did one final victory push. In the end, he got all the treats to himself.

Source: Gohan the Husky via YouTube



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