When you’re a St. Bernard, you’re expected to have a high-level of search and rescue skills. After all, they’re known for their keen sense of smell coupled with muscular, big bodies.

In this particular house, new mom Dee Dee just gave birth to three adorable pups. Two were boys named Duke and Atlas, and the only girl is named Eleanor.


Dee Dee couldn’t be any prouder, continually showing her puppies off. They’re practically newborn babes, but they already weigh four pounds each.

Mom Dee Dee knew that she needs to watch her puppies, especially her only daughter. Eleanor tended to wander away when mom least expects it.

On this day, Eleanor did just that and got stuck under a couch. She needed help and called out for her brothers. Fortunately, her brothers didn’t disappoint.

The brothers couldn’t maneuver their rolly polly bodies that well but managed to roll toward the sound of their sister’s voice.  That proves to be enough for Eleanor to smell her brothers and crawl toward them succeeding in rejoining them.

With that kind of solidarity and work-as-a-team attitude, these three are on the right track to bringing more honor to their heritage.

To become brilliant rescue dogs, though, mastering the art of identifying their surroundings is a must. The pups’ introduction to different scents began.

First, three rambunctious puppies frolicked on the grass. A lot of running, tumbling, and roughhousing ensued, so it also meant a lot of dirt involved. Bath time inevitably followed.

St. Bernards have thick coats and are prone to tangles, so it is important that they learn about baths and grooming early.

Second, the pups got introduced to water. As usual, Eleanor’s first to come up with an escape strategy.

Duke and Atlas, scrambled to follow, but they’re quickly placed back in the water bin. It’s safe to say that the three puppies didn’t like their first water experience at all.

That’s alright, pups. You’re St. Bernards, so this water phobia is going to be easy for you guys to handle soon!

Photo and video credits to Animal Planet via YouTube



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