A huge dog has been abandoned by his family. He’s been with them for so long that it’s unimaginable for them to let him go.

Tye Friis is the founder of Reversed Rescue. He saw a family coming towards the shelter one morning.

Friis and his team did not expect the next thing that happened. When the family opened the door to the truck, Goliath, the great Dane, came out. The family dropped him off at the shelter.


His family easily surrendered him to the rescue. Goliath was nine years old and was heavily emaciated. He needed the help of Tye’s organization, so they gave Goliath the help that he needed.

Unfortunately, because of Goliath’s size, no one filed for his adoption. Being a seven-foot dog made it difficult for Goliath to get adopted by a family.

To cheer him up, they brought him to a pet store. Tye and his team promised Goliath that they would buy everything that his paw touches.

Goliath walked through the store and got what was promised to him. He had the time of his life! He deserved it too. Being abandoned by his family was heartbreaking.

Goliath deserved a better family. As he waits for his new forever family, Tye’s team made sure to put Goliath in a good mood.

He may have gotten a lot of Christmas presents, but nothing could prepare him for his ultimate gift. His gift was what any shelter dog could wish for.

Goliath was adopted at Christmas. His new father was no other than the founder of the rescue, Tye. Tye could not see himself letting Goliath go, so he decided to adopt him. This was the best gift Goliath received.

They did not need to find the perfect home for him because he was already home. He was with his family all along. Goliath had a very merry Christmas indeed.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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