Canines and felines have a complicated relationship. They’re friends, but they’re also enemies, forever vying for the title of the best hooman companion award.

If you ask us, we couldn’t choose one over the other because we all have different preferences, so it’s all personal stuff.


That doesn’t completely blot the rivalry out, and it’s present in all households that have both cats and dogs as pets. In this particular house, a litter of German Shorthaired Pointer puppies was born.

They’re an adorable bunch, and in a group, someone’s always bound to lead.

It’s Lola, a patched puppy with adorable looks and a great personality to go with it for this pack. Even when she couldn’t see yet, she was ahead of her siblings, exploring her new surroundings.

Lola’s litter preferred huddling in a pack while she went checking the new environment out, and that established her as their leader.

While Lola’s top boss hold wasn’t challenged within the canine pack, there was an unlikely rival that got on her nerves. Her name is Skittles, the family cat.

Lola didn’t like that the kitty could do whatever she did, and it looked like she was more agile in certain things. Perception is everything for the pup, so she went out of her way to guard her territory.

Skittles may not have any ulterior motives, but she was there first and considered herself the boss.  She got along well with the puppies. It was too much for Lola to take; felines should mingle with their kind, not with hers.

Lola considered herself the leader of the pack so a friendly rivalry developed between Lola and Skittles.

Things changed when the German Pointer siblings underwent their training. Skittles helped Lola follow, locate, and point to the prey she was supposed to identify.

That’s always a plus in any book, so it’s safe to say that Lola went a little easy on Skittles after that.

Watch Lola’s and Skittles’ friendship develop in the video below.

Photo and video credits to Animal Planet via YouTube



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