Beaù is an adorable eight-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She may be young, but she knows exactly what she wants. She won’t stop until she fulfills her goals.

Just like other dogs, Beaù also loves hanging out with dogs and humans. She particularly loves spending time with Kayleigh Burrowes, her mom.

Aside from cozying up with Kayleigh, Beaù also loves bonding with friends, especially with a dog living next door.


Kayleigh mentioned that Beaù is a very energetic pooch. She also loves snuggling and she gets hyped every time neighbor dogs visit her.

Rocco, one of the neighbor dogs, seems to be Beaù’s favorite. Rocco is a lot smaller compared to Beaù, but this does not bother them at all.

According to Kayleigh, Rocco was best friends with her other dog named Jak. Unfortunately, Jak passed away and Rocco clearly misses him a lot.

When Beaù arrived, Rocco started to get better. Beaù’s playful attitude eventually cheered him up.

Kayleigh narrated how the two went from strangers into instant friends. When Beaù was finally allowed to go out, she met Rocco. Kayleigh was surprised by how the two automatically clicked.

She also knew that Rocco was missing her old dog, Jak, because the two were really close. Thankfully, Beaù’s presence helped Rocco feel better.

Although she knew that Beaù became friends with Rocco, she didn’t realize that they became best of friends. One day, she confirmed how the two adored each other.

Kayleigh discovered that Rocco was giving Beaù back rubs. He even discovered how to do it through the fence.

The sight was so adorable that Kayleigh decided to film it. Here’s a short clip of Beaù and Rocco:

Posted by Kayleigh Burrowes on Friday, June 12, 2020

The video was posted in Facebook and it went viral. It received over 4000 reactions, 529 comments and 190 shares as of this writing.

Thank you so much, Kayleigh Burrowes, for sharing this adorable clip!



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