Hospitals are some of the most depressing places to be in the world, especially for kids. After all, everyone who goes to the hospital has some health conditions that needed medical attention.

However, thanks to the efforts of therapy dogs like Zammy, children can look forward to something fun during their hospital stay.

Meet the fluffiest dog in the world.

The video starts with a large and furry dog playing a game of fetch with his owners. The dog, whose name is Zammy, loves playing this game with his Dad and sister. The only problem with Zammy is that he never returns the ball, running away with it instead.


But, Zammy’s family doesn’t mind at all. Playing fetch might not be the pooch’s forte, but there’s this one thing that Zammy excels.

Hello kids! How are you today?

Every Monday, Zammy and his dad, Todd, visit the hospitalized kids at Shriners Hospital for Children. They go around the hospital and introduce the pooch to the children confined there. Sometimes, before Zammy enters the room, Todd would ask the kids if they want to meet the smallest therapy dog.

And, to the children’s surprise, in goes Zammy, furry body and all.

Everywhere Zammy goes, he brings smiles to the children who are anxious over the various medical procedures they take. The pooch even encourages kids to learn walking again in spite of their deformities and conditions.

I’m born for this job.

However, Zammy’s job as a therapy dog didn’t start grandly.

Todd discovered Zammy’s gift when the pup was only six months old. They had a neighbor who sponsored a family coming from the Carribean. Among the family members, there was this little girl with bowed legs.

Zammy made sure to visit the girl every day, making her feel better just with their interaction.

From then on, Todd realized that Zammy’s born for this job. They enrolled him in some training classes, and eventually, the pooch became a certified therapy dog.

When Zammy’s not on duty, the pooch loves to do whatever average dog does – spending time with Todd, eating ice cream, and playing at the beach. However, there’s one other thing that the dog is expert at.

Find out what this thing that Zammy is best at in the video below.

Video Credit: The Dodo via YouTube



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