The relationship between a father and a dog is special. It truly was special for a dog named Saerom and his dad. Saerom was found by his father alone on the streets as a puppy.

His father took pity on him and adopted him. For 15 long years, Saerom has been treated like a son. He was pampered and loved by the family.

Saerom was such a great dog too. He was always obedient and never gave his family trouble until he had some health issues.


About four months ago, Saerom was brought to the hospital for a check-up. His family learned that he had scratches on his cornea that needed treatment. Saerom needed eye drops six times a day.

His father followed the doctor’s advice, but Saerom did not like those eye drops. He hated it so much that now, he refuses any human touch.

He would bite anyone who would dare to touch him, even his father. After 15 long years, Saerom refuses to be touched by his best friend. His father is hurt by his actions but understands that the medication caused fear in him.

This has caused numerous issues in the household. His family can’t give him his medication, and he also can’t be groomed. Every time his family would try, he would attack them.

His Father even had to get a tetanus shot because of Saerom’s aggressive behavior.

Saerom looks very dirty, and people who see him even thought that he was a stray dog. That’s how filthy he looked. His family is concerned, but the situation does not seem to be improving.

Saerom’s father would continue to reach out to him, though. He would also consult the doctor again. Saerom needs his medication but despite giving treats, Saerom will have none of it.

No matter what happens, he would not give up on Saerom. He has treated Saerom as his son, and no parent should give up on their child.

He hopes that one day, his sweet relationship with Saerom would return. It may not be anytime soon, but he knows that one day, it will happen.

Small signs like, Saerom will come into the room where his father plays his guitar, give his father hope.

Source SBS TV via YouTube



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