Kelly Dent saw a post of one of her friends, Susan, about needing a medical walking boot. She remembered that she has one lying around somewhere in her house. Since she was not using it, she offered to lend it to Susan.

The next day, she left the boot in her front porch before she went to work at seven in the morning. Susan is supposed to pick it up later in the day. When she came back from work that afternoon, the boot is no longer there. She assumed that Susan already has it.


However, after a little while, her doorbell rang and when she opened the door, there is Susan. Apparently, she has not gone by earlier that day to pick up the boot. So the question is if Susan doesn’t have it, who has?

They were so confused and they decided to check the security camera that covers Dent’s front porch. There were the regular kitties who drop by for some kibbles, a UPS delivery, and a very naughty thief!

The mystery was solved and they finally figured out who is the thief. It was Dent’s new neighbor, Finnie. The video showed Finnie getting up on her porch and proceeding to check things out for a bit. Then she saw the boot and slowly dragged it away.

She has yet to officially meet Finnie and their first encounter was when she and Susan went to their neighbor’s house to explain what happened. Finnie’s dad was out front and they showed him the video. He wasn’t surprised and he explained to them why.

Dog Thief Caught On Camera

Doggy thief caught on camera 😂

Posted by Newsflare on Friday, March 15, 2019

He laughed as he told them that Finnie’s mom, his wife, had to wear a walking boot as well. The cute dog, as it turns out, took the boot to help her mom in case she needed an extra.

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