A new dog provides joy. And it takes long-term commitment to take care of a new pup, not as a toy, car or an inanimate property. A relationship with a dog requires commitment, dedication, and love. Before you get a new pup, read the factors stated below before you say that you are committing yourself to a new dog.

Size. Yes, it does matter when talking about dogs. His size has to fit in with your family’s lifestyle.  How large is your house? Will it be good for a huge dog to roam around the house, a mid-sized dog or a tiny weeny dog to trot through your residence? Do you have a fenced yard for your dog to run around in?

How about his outside toilet space? Dogs need space to do their duties and have fun. Consider his size in relation to your property size in choosing a dog.


Age. Getting a puppy requires a great deal of time, patience and training to rear him according to your standards. But do you have the luxury of time and patience? If not, consider getting an older dog who has already been trained and will not chew on furniture and clothes. Just take into consideration the existing health condition of old dogs.

Cost, Pet cost corresponds to the dog’s size, age, breed, and health. This does not only mean what you paid for in the shelter. It also means the fees required to maintain him. If your dog would need high-grade dog kibbles and regular grooming and maintenance, then you will be required to shell out a large sum of money to maintain him. Be practical and compute your budget before getting a pup.

Family. Consider your family size, the age of the members, their health status, their energy levels. What type of dog will fit into your family’s lifestyle? Will your partner help you in rearing your dog? Will your kids like him?

Appearance. This is one of the first things you’ll see when finding a pup. After thorough research and planning, you should have already chosen the type of dog you would like to take home with you and keep you company. Do you want a cute pup or a large bodyguard? Do you like dogs with shiny coats or long tresses with big-time spa grooming?

Take note of the grooming aids that you need to budget for his breed.

Activity level. Your dog’s stamina and endurance should match yours in order to fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Does he like to run and jog like yourself? Can you take him out on hiking trips? Take this all into consideration when you choose your dog.

Do a study on what type of dog you want to get. And make an assessment of the above components to evaluate if you and your dog are suited for one another. It would be good to do the research at the earliest stage to prevent any incompatibility issues in the future.



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