Sean Laidlaw, a private contractor, developed a unique friendship with an adorable pup. Laidlaw rescued this furball when he was working in Syria. Back then, he was a member of the bomb disposal squad in the warzone in Syria.

Laidlaw first found the pup, Barrie, under a pile of rubbles in Syria. He saw the dog under the remains of a school which was destroyed in an explosion. Barrie was the only survivor among the five puppies on that area.

Barrie was terrified when Laidlaw found her. Slowly, the pup showed trust to Laidlaw when he fed her and gave her water. The pooch finally came out and allowed Laidlaw to pet her. Since then, they became inseparable while Laidlaw was staying in Syria.


After a few months, Laidlaw needed to leave Barrie because he went to the United Kingdom. It looked like the two would be separated and seeing each other again was close to impossible.

Laidlaw narrated how he feels that other people see him as Barrie’s hero. However, he thinks it’s the other way around. Barrie became his companion while he was in a war zone. She helped him take his mind off the war which was happening around him.

Syria’s warzone was terrible. It was relieving to know that Barrie would be there waiting for him at camp. He trained her and took her for walks. Barrie definitely helped him keep his sanity.

Last year, the two miraculously got reunited. Huge thanks to War Paws, an animal charity in Iraq. They helped transport Barrie to Iraq where she received medical assistance. Then, she was taken to Jordan and was quarantined for a while.

Barrie was initially headed to Heathrow Airport, but because of missing papers, she got stuck in Jordan. Fortunately, Lous Hastie, owner of War Paws helped Barrie get hitched on her flight in Paris when she was traveling with her two dogs.

When Laidlaw learned that Barrie would be arriving in Paris, he went straight to the airport. He was so happy, and he felt even more delighted when he saw that Barrie recognized who he was. It was indeed a heartwarming reunion.

Credits to Sean Laidlaw for this touching story.



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