We’ve always seen the similarities between dogs and children. They’re both innocent, hilarious, and they need time and attention.

This English Bulldog named Chunk certainly needed tons of attention and love from his dad. We’re not sure whether he was just being extra, or that’s just his regular behavior.


Either way, he needed dad’s eyes on him. We got the feeling that he just wanted to be touched and cuddled. Dad was busy reading something from a book, and he was a bit distracted by his pet’s actions.

That didn’t matter to Chuck because he wanted love, and he wanted it right now. His puppy eyes begged his dad, and finally, dad asked him what he wanted.

We think Chuck mentally rolled his eyes at dad because his hooman knew exactly what he wanted. A couple of head pats, a ton of cuddling, and some kisses would do.

They do this every day, so Chuck couldn’t understand why his dad looks like he’s clueless about his needs. That’s why they needed to do this every single day so that his hooman wouldn’t have to be asked.

Dad continued reading to Chuck’s dismay, so he touched his paw to dad’s arm. Again, dad asked him what he wanted. This got the pet all riled up.

As a form of silent protest, Chuck stood on his hind legs and mentally threw dad some punches. As far as this dog was concerned, dad needed a good whoppin’ on the noggin.

Finally, dad gave Chuck some perfunctory pets and touches. That wasn’t enough, so the dog repeated his actions, minus the standing warrior act. This poor pet probably wished he could speak.

We hope that dad didn’t spend too much time annoying Chuck by reading that book. We have a feeling this pet got more hugs and cuddles later that night to make up for everything. Good for you, pet!

Credits to Mike Blair via YouTube



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